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What We Offer

DragonTooth connects Dental Practices with Dental Professionals to fill temporary shifts and permanent jobs

>5000+ Dental Professionals
A network of Dental Professionals across Canada that is growing every day! Be part of the #1 solution today!
How does it work?
Practices post a shift, Professionals apply, get selected and complete the shift, both parties verify hours and we charge the Practice and pay the Professional the same day, that's it!
Job postings
Get access to post and view Dental jobs across Canada. Professionals can apply directly and there are no hidden fees, just a one time $85+tax posting fee for Practices.
Verified Professionals
Our application has built in Assurance and Merit to give you the best and most reliable Dental Professionals every time, including automated license and identity confirmation.

Serving the Dental Community with amazing technology!

DragonTooth was built as a platform to service the Dental Community in Canada. Through extensive automation, AI and brilliant programming our system is constantly evolving and improving. Assurance, Merit and Payments are the cornerstones of our development and ensures success for our Community.

Assurance is our 20 point system of confirming and verifying the quality of your applicants. We help direct your choices through a Merit system that proves your choice and Payments ensures no one is waiting and speed of service keeps everyone smiling.


Foundation of leading technologies and agile development

We have dedicated developers contantly improving DragonTooth working with decades of experience in the Dental industry in Canada and using the best techologies available.

Bringing a mobile experience is a huge convenience to end users.

An Agile development process allows us to constantly react to change and continue to quickly deliver value to our users.

Microsoft .Net
Azure cloud

How it works

Dental Practices/Owners

Dental Professionals/Staff

Practices create a profile with their location, contact and Visa/MasterCard

Professionals create a profile with their education, experience, availability and e-transfer email

Practices post a shift to cover for an employee (sick, vacation etc) setting the hours and rate

Shift is automatically sent via text/email to available Users that meet the qualifications, availability and geography

Qualifying Professionals review the Practice profile, shift hours and rate.

They accept or decline the opportunity

Practice awards the shift after reviewing profiles and ratings of Professionals who have accepted the opportunity

Professional completes the shift as selected

Practice confirms shift completion and rates experience

Professional confirms shift completion and rates experience

Payment is automated

10% shift fee added for DragonTooth

5% banking fee for the transaction

Practices have full records of all transactions and history

Payment is forwarded to Professional with access to full records of all transactions and history


Looking for something a little more permanent? DragonTooth offers permanent job postings as well!
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What Our Clients Say

Your Practice needs to find help fast!

Clients are booked and your staff has called in sick.

Post the Shift

Geolocates and sends to all available Professionals

Rated Professionals

Review applicants and book your choice!

Automated Payment

Payment is easy to manage